How to Help

We Will Show You How To Help Torquay

Plastic Bag Free Torquay aims to stop the distribution of single use plastic bags in Torquay by 31st December 2015.

Boomerang Bags Picture EcoBag Media

If you are a business owner in Torquay and you want to align your brand to our efforts to create a Plastic Bag Free Torquay, now is the time to jump on board.

We are now starting to make Boomerang Bags. These bags are being made right here in Torquay by our volunteers at Torquay Community House from recycled material. These bags will be placed in Reuse Stations all around town – if you would like a Reuse Station in your store let us know by filling in the registration form on the Sign Up page.

You can also donate used fabric to be made into bags or you can be involved in the sewing group.

If your business would like to sponsor the Reuse Stations let us know as well.

We are also seeking sponsors for Edition Number 1 of the Torquay EcoBag, which will provide free of charge to the community, 20,000 reusable and 100% recyclable paper bags. As a business person or key decision maker in your orgainsation, you want to connect to your customers and your community. More and more Torquay is choosing sustainable options rather than taking the damaging single use route. By choosing to sponsor Edition 1 of Torquay EcoBag you will be joining a growing list of conscientious businesses and organisations who are helping to provide solutions to the crisis of plastic pollution.

Coupled with the ‪#‎BringYourBag campaign, Boomerang Bags and the placement of Reuse Stations around town, single use plastic bags will become a thing of the past.

If you would like to get involved or find out more let us know

But the best way you can help of course is to simply refuse single use plastic bags.