Tips for Retailers

Retailers can benefit from becoming Plastic Bag Free

Make the decision to become Plastic Bag Free

Display posters and stickers to promote your business as Plastic Bag Free and environmentally responsible. Make sure these posters are prominently displayed so your customers will not be surprised when they are not offered a single use plastic bag.

Bring Your Bag Along Torquay Campaign LogoSome Tips For Business

  • Educate your staff to promote reusable bag options to all customers. Make you policy “Plastic Bag Free” and provide training to your staff on handling questions from customers.
  • Train your staff to pack customers purchases into their reusable bags
  • During any transition period offer your customers a small discount when they bring their own bags. You get far more support that way than changing a fee for a plastic bag.
  • Join our Boomerang Bag program.
  • Join our EcoBag Media program.

Boomerang Bags Picture

Being part of this initiative is important to locals and the environment. Join us.

We are there to help make Torquay Plastic Bag Free.