Tips for Shoppers

A simple change in habit can make the difference

#Bringyourbag – the most effective way you can help transition Torquay to a Plastic Bag Free town is to remember to bring your reusable shopping bag when you go to do the grocery shopping.

Bring Your Bag Along Torquay Campaign LogoHandy Tips For Shoppers

  • After you unpack your groceries, put your reusable bags back on the front seat of your car or at your front door. That way, you won’t forget them the next time you shop!
  • Keep compact reusable bags handy in your boot, glove box, backpack, briefcase or handbag so you are always prepared for incidental purchases.
  • If you buy one or two items you can simply carry these to your car, home, office etc.
  • Reuse plastic bags you have accumulated at home as garbage bin liners, for clothing storage and for freezing food, or while walking your dog.
  • If you do not have your reusable bags with you at the check out, ask if the store participates in the Borrow A Bag Scheme or our EcoBag Media Scheme.

Our shops also need your help

Remember, retail outlets have not taken the decision to be Plastic Bag Free lightly and it is certainly not about them making more money. They are there to help.

If you have excess reusable bags at home, ask about the Borrow A Bag scheme and who is participating. Next time you go to those stores, pop your excess bag in the Borrow a Bag box for others to use. And spread the word. You might be surprised that next time you forget your reusable bags, there may be bags there for you to borrow.

EcoBag MediaAnd  spread the word. Ask your local shops to participate in the Borrow a Bag Scheme and our EcoBag Media scheme. Encourage friends and family to carry and use reusable bags.

Join us in our bid to clean our local environment.