Clean up Australia day

Madelen, Blake, Cindy and I did a clean up near Torquay College yesterday. We started at the roundabout and worked our way back towards Duffields Rd. We took 2 large buckets with us that we thought would be more than enough for what we thought would be about an hours effort.

The we were planning to clean up both sides of the road, about 300 metres all up – doing our little bit.

Blake and I got about 10 metres along one side of the road and Cindy and Madelen about 40 metres along the other side and our buckets were full. The photo below is a collection of what we picked up. 19 bottles, about 30 single use plastic bags, lots of chip packets and food wrappers.

This is crazy stuff.

Some of this may be accidental litter but most can be avoided. If we stop the free distribution of single use plastic bags that solves on issue. #bringyourbag when you go shopping.


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