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Why Plastic Bag Free?

Here are just a few reasons we should be plastic bag free


There is a lot of it:

According to the Ocean Conservatory in 2008, plastic bags came in second to discarded cigarette butts as the most identified type of litter.

Rampant waste:

Plastic Bags are thrown away every day and generally end up in land fill. But they also end up in forests, rivers, seas and oceans around the world. Plastic Bags are generally not recycled and the growth of plastic consumption and its improper disposal currently significantly outpaces efforts to recycle.

Plastic does not break down

Plastic is not biodegradable and in reality most plastic does not even disappear but becomes long lasting “plastic dust”. And there is no winning; producing recycled materials uses copious amounts of energy. A better solution is to reduce the use of plastics altogether.

Danger to aquatic life

Over 1 million sea birds, whales, seals, dolphins and sea turtles die each year from plastic debris that ends up in our oceans. Plastic ends up inside these animals which leads to their death. The impact of plastic pollution in our oceans and ecosystems creates havoc for the environment.

Toxin carriers

In addition to not breaking down fast, plastic material also breaks down dangerously. A lot of plastics contain toxins and as plastic breaks down it can absorb and release dangerous toxins into the environment.

A simple change in your behaviour when you go shopping can reduce the dangerous and damaging affect of plastic bags on our oceans, beaches, rivers creeks and land. #bringyourbag

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